All relationships are unique; the university works to develop industry partnerships that meet company goals, address pressing challenges, and connect with university resources.

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FedEx, an international Fortune 500 corporation headquartered in Memphis, is one of the university’s longstanding industry partners. Through a partnership that spans nearly three decades, the university has supported a talent pipeline to FedEx making it the university’s largest employer of Ole Miss alumni, as well as partnering through university research.

In turn, FedEx leaders have contributed their time, expertise and company resources as part of this strategic partnership, serving on boards and in volunteer leadership roles across campus. The company has recently made strategic philanthropic investments to expand the data science program in the School of Engineering and advance DEI initiatives led by the Division of Diversity and Community Engagement, along with significant historic support
of scholarships, leadership programs on campus and professional development for student-athletes.

FedEx’s relationships across campus, breadth of involvement and financial support have made a lasting impact on campus and continue to enable innovation and workforce development that has impacted the entire Midsouth region.


Mylo, a growing insurtec company headquartered in Kansas City, has partnered to develop new university programs, and prepare Ole Miss students for successful careers through experiential learning and professional development. Despite being based eight hours away, company leaders are frequently on campus growing Mylo’s network with students, faculty and university leaders. Through its executive involvement, Mylo was an early supporter and advisor with the start of a sales program that has evolved into the Ole Miss Business BASE, an initiative to establish a sales program and expand supply chain and analytics offerings in the School of Business Administration. As it experienced success, it has expanded to partner with the Risk Management and Insurance program, with this partnership growing along with the company’s growth.

Mylo’s executive involvement and thought leadership has helped establish new degree programs and opened opportunities to support students’ professional development that prepares them for success after graduation.


North Mississippi Health Services, one of the nation’s largest rural health care systems based in Tupelo, has enjoyed a decades-long partnership with the School of Pharmacy through internships, residency programs and regular rotations of School of Pharmacy professors at NMHS facilities.

NMHS has been instrumental in training pharmacy students and partnering with faculty to create programs that contribute to the health and well-being of local communities in Mississippi and beyond. Through its partnership, NMHS provides faculty support in the School of Pharmacy that not only trains students but also helps grow healthcare access for Mississippi communities. In addition, its executives teach classes on campus and partner with university researchers to address health care disparities and social determinants of health in North Mississippi.

NMHS engagement at UM has developed into a partnership that not only enriches the experience of UM students but also helps address the growing challenge of health care access and equity in rural communities.